Subcontracting Power

Subcontracting for commercial projects is what we are offering to you and your customers.  Each construction manpower member of our subcontracting team is equipped with the trade specific tools, skills, attitude, and reliability. We are a strong seasoned team that will work by the square footage or board.  We are your answer for a consistent professional team through out America!  Also, each construction manpower of our skilled subcontracting team is completely safety trained and able to follow all company specific policies.

MBS Enterprises Group, Inc. is worlds different!

Our subcontracting team focuses on extensive research on new construction manpower to add to our subcontracting team. We have complete I9s for all our team members that we can send over to you at anytime.

Does your company or client have rules and regulation for our subcontracting team to follow while on the project that give you cause for concern?

No worries when using our subcontracting team. The men have proven to seamlessly adhere to all of the strictest policies for other contractors on the commercial projects. Give us a call at (866) 301-5704 and we will ease your concerns.

Also, we are feverishly working to always improve on our existing processes to be your main source of subcontracting manpower that you can trust to arrive correctly equipped, consistently on time, adhere to all policies, work under OSHA guidelines and ready to work for your foreman.

Give us one opportunity to show you the true difference in our teams processes and procedures that truly puts us worlds above the rest of the organizations attempting to supply the needed subcontracting team!

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We coordinate tradesmen for the contractor

 Choosing us is the right decision...

There are so many needs to get the commercial and residential projects done.  Professionally  completed in a safe and timely manner is the object to getting the correct profit margin for the successful contractor. 

Today's bidding wars during proposals for big projects are fierce.  Competition for the top subcontractors (for a short period of time) to complete projects are even fiercer than getting the project. Satisfaction in performance is the main hurdle to jump over to get that great word of mouth and recommendation for the next big project.

Professionally skilled and equippedConstruction needs solved:

Having the need to impress clients with hitting or exceeding realistic building deadlines for repeat business is the type of project satisfaction that MBS Enterprises Group, Inc. provides.  Our subcontracting team has been traveling from project to project obtaining amazing skill.  We do not pull up to a hardware store and load up a van of workers to ship them to our family of contractors. 

Yes, you can hire other subcontractors and lose days of work by needing to kick off the unprepared teams that are lacking any resemblance to an experienced tradesman.  Or, you can hire an extension of your company's family of workers.  Our subcontractor team has proven themselves on other projects to have what it takes to get the job done.  We supply team with the lead man that speaks to your foreman. Each man on the subcontracting team has the trade specific tools, demonstrated the correct skills required to complete the project on time, professionally and safe.

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Top Performing Tradesmen


The first step has been made on your part.  The decision to give us an opportunity to show you what we have to offer is not as risky as you might think.  “Construction manpower proven on other projects" is the key fact to keep in mind when looking through the few quick steps to get the correct subcontractors at your site.

1.    Know the trade of the subcontractor team needed.

2.       Know the location, start date, start time, hours a week and approximate length of the project .

3.       Call our corporate office at toll free (866) 301-5704.  Let them know you are interested in giving us a shot.

4.       They will ask for the trade needed, location, start date, start time, hours a week and approximate length of the project.

5.       An rate quote will be agreed upon

We have delivered  our subcontractor team as fast as FedEx! Yes, next day delivery.  However, next day delivery is the exception not the rule.  We ask for one week notice to give us enough time to coordinate the correct trade men for your job.



Current supplying these trades: 

  • Drywall hangers and framers (rockers)
  • Painters/finishers
  • Carpenters
  • Plasters
  • Plaster Labor
  • General Labor



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